The story on the walls

væggeneHEART Café: Photographs of Piero Manzonis stay in Herning.

Visit the HEART Café and experience a rare collection of photographs of Piero Manzoni during his stays in Herning in 1960 and 1961.

The photographer Ole Bagger produced over 80 photographs of the Italian artist, which paints a unique picture of Manzoni's work in Herning. Piero Manzoni is represented at major international museums including Tate, Guggenheim, MOMA etc. However, none of these great institutions have a collection of the same quality and scope as the one at HEART, which is the largest museum collection of Manzoni globally.

"I am in Paradize"

Manzoni's name is inseparably linked to Herning, where he was invited twice by the danish textile manufacturer Aage Damgaard. Here he found what he called a "paradise" and was given the freedom to create by Aage Damgaard, which he used fully, almost as if struck by an epiphany. The photos convey their stories with humour, wit and poetry, which also characterises elements of Manzoni's art.

The majority of the museum's 41 works were created for and in Herning, including the world-famous sculpture Socle du Monde.

Image rights to the photographs were acquired by HEART in 2011 with support from the New Carlsberg Foundation. The installation of the exhibited photographs was made possible with support from Aage Damgaard and Lee Sign.