Indian Highway

bharti kher heartBharti Kher, An Absence of Assignable Cause, 2007

13.03.10 - 12.09.10

The overall theme of the exhibition, Indian Highway, involves reflections on the road's significance for movement, development, and migration, the road as the crucial link between town and country. The title also refers to technology, to the information superhighway that has made a central contribution to India's economic boom – and to the artistic development evident in India over the course of recent decades. The works presented at the exhibition address global issues such as democracy, the environment, religion, race, gender, and class.

Indian Highway presents artists who have already made an impact on the international art scene alongside artists that are less familiar to Western audiences. The exhibition provides insights into a vibrant generation of artists who work across established boundaries within artistic media, spanning the range from painting, photography, and sculpture to installation, online art, and video. HEART presents audiences with a range of new works and artists for instance Jayashree Chakravarty, Anita Dube og Jagannath Panda as well as an "exhibition within the exhibition" curated by Indian artist Shilpa Gupta. After its run in Herning, the exhibition will tour, with the range of destinations including Delhi, India.


Indian Highway is arranged in co-operation with Serpentine Gallery in London, and Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in Oslo. The exhibition is curated by Julia Peyton-Jones, Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Gunnar B. Kvaran in collaboration with Stinna Toft from HEART.


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