Ingvar Cronhammar - Heart of Darkness

thumb Ingvar CronhammarIngvar Cronhammar

29.01.12 - 19.08.12

The statement was made by the writer and poet Per Højholdt about Cronhammar's art, and the phrase poignantly encapsulates the duality that characterises the sculptor's works: They are grand and quiet at one and the same time. His art possesses elements of past and future, of the ordinary and the extraordinary; it encompasses the romantic and the technological alike and seems to be not just of this Earth, but also of cosmic origin. The works inhabit a world of their own, acting as monumental brakes that stop all life around them. The sculptures invite contemplation, prompting us to stop and reflect on the present. As Cronhammar himself puts it: "Art allows the moment to enter into a different realm of significance."

we saw that didnt we Poul Ib Henriksen 5Ingvar Cronhammar, We saw that didn't we, 2011 (detail)

Ingvar Cronhammar's all-new monumental sculpture We saw that didn't we and Fountain will be shown for the first time ever at HEART.

The two new artworks form part of the exhibition alongside Cronhammar's breakthrough work The Gate and 13 other sculptures, all of which belong among the museum's most spectacular pieces. Heart of Darkness offers a new display of highlights from the museum collections that are not on permanent display, augmented by all-new works. Together, they draw visitors into a sombre, almost frightening realm where Cronhammar's eerie tales are played out. The exhibition also features extensive photographic documentation of Cronhammar's famous projects and artworks in public spaces and the critically acclaimed film Kill.


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