Super 100 - 100 works of art from the collection


25.01.13 - 02.03.14

Art of all descriptions will fill HEART when the museum celebrates the centenary of Herning's appointment as "købstad" – a market town with special royal privileges – with the exhibition Super 100 – 100 Super Works from the Collections.

HEART's exhibition rooms will be filled to bursting point with art, and audiences can look forward to spectacular works by Danish and international stars like Andy Warhol, Asger Jorn, Jens Søndergaard, Henry Heerup and Per Kirkeby


The works presented in the Super 100 exhibition were chosen from a wide spectrum of styles, period, and artists. The exhibition makes no attempt at relating a specific story, nor at shedding light on one particular trend or movement. Rather, it groups the works in accordance with four main themes, each of which has its own room: Figure, White, Form. An entire exhibition room is now dedicated to Per Kirkeby, where the large piece from 2011 is on display next to a variety of kirkeby-sketches.

Super 100 takes us down new roads through the HEART collection, allowing audiences the opportunity to view art from a different perspective.


The journey through Super 100 – 100 Super Works from the Collections begins among the works Sunday Evening by Jens Søndergaard, Bathing Children by William Scharff, Strawberry Jam by Asger Jorn, and Woman in Storm by Henry Heerup. Like all the works presented in the room, these works lets the figure take centre stage.

As is the case with all art we cannot really ascertain whether one work of art is better than another. Art must be experienced through one's emotions, in the here and now. Our preferences may vary from one visit to the next, just like our mood.


0006Jens Søndergaard, Søndag Aften, 1961

Room 2 allows scope for quiet introspection and reflection. Here, visitors step into a universe where all light is reflected and where every work features nuances of the same white colour. As you move through the space a range of different shapes emerge, effecting a break with simplicity. The artists play around with the surfaces, and Room 2 features everything from Piero Manzoni's straw sculpture to Castellani's groundbreaking "Angle Picture".


Room 3 embraces the visually striking and the sensuous. The works in this room speak directly to our emotions through form and colour. When we stand before works by Poul Gernes, Knud Hvidberg, and Paul Gadegaard our experience is not about recognition – but simply about the experience in itself.

200Kund Hvidberg, Wed Things, 1974. Foto: Gunnar Merrild