Holger’s Choice - Acquisitions 2000 - 2014

no man is an island. jesperjust nmiai 11Jesper Just, No Man is an Island,  2002

10.05.14 - 24.08.14

Since the year 2000 the HEART collection has been expanded regularly, adding a wealth of spectacular works to the museum's treasure trove. HEART's director Holger Reenberg has chosen the most recent additions with great care and deliberation, and the new exhibition Holger's Choice offers insight into how the museum's collection is steadily growing and evolving.


Jesper Just's video No Man is an Island holds a special place in the director's heart.

"This is the very first work by Just we bought, and it is quite simply irresistible. A father is dancing like a madman in the Blågårds Plads square in Copenhagen, grown men burst into tears, and overall you are facing a completely unexpected scenario here," says Holger about his first encounter with Just's work.

The idea of focusing on Jesper Just was founded in a state of infatuation with his works – a love psychosis – but at the same time the idea was a good fit with HEART's strategy of establishing strong ties with new, talented contemporary artists. Thus, the director's choices are made in the field where intuition and strategy intersect.


Holger's choices include many other works besides Jesper Just's cryptic art videos; the exhibition is a veritable cornucopia of iconic works by e.g. John Kørner, Per Kirkeby, Tove Storch, Troels Wörsel, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Ingvar Cronhammar, and the director's personal favourite: Jannis Kounellis. Visitors can look forward to a wide selection of works encompassing everything from sculpture and painting to video and installation art.