Kasper Sonne - New Religion

 Sonne webKasper Sonne, Untitled(curtain), 2013. 


In this year’s first Future exhibition HEART proudly presents ‘New Religion’ by the New York-based artist Kasper Sonne.

Through his art Sonne illustrates the contradictions that exists within the dichotomies, which we constantly live with and accept, as if they were natural. An acute observer of the social and physical paradigms that we are all exposed to Sonne has rooted his practice in highlighting these through his work, while challenging the audience on both cerebral and physical levels.

As a point in case is Untitled (curtain), an installation piece that consists of a long unbroken row of iron chains that hang like a heavy curtain from floor to ceiling. The piece is positioned as a barrier, which the audience has to force in order to experience the remainder of the exhibition.

The exhibition New Religion also contains new paintings from Sonne’s HTML and BAD series, as well as a new video art installation. All of these bodies of work continues to disrupt what otherwise appears to be a delicate coherency in the perception of our world.

Kasper Sonne - New Religion is part of HEARTs exhibition programme HEARTfuture, which focuses on the rising stars in contemporary art, while challenging our conceptions of the nature of art.