Troels Wörsel - La pittura

Troels Worsel Trial and Error 2015 akryl pa lærred 180 x 150 cm 4 foto Anders Sune Berg Courtesy Galleri Susanne Ottesen 2015Troels Wörsel, Trial & Error, 2015. Photo: Anders Sune Berg / Galleri Susanne Ottesen 


This spring HEART presents a history exhibition featuring the Danish artist Troels Wösel who, for more than 30 years, has been exploring the potential of painting. In the exhibition La Pittura (Italien for painting), Troels Wörsel examines the possibilities and limitations of painting in relation to how we perceive and experience it.

The exhibition presents four new series of works, each in their own way focusing on a fleeting glance. Although perception - the interpretation of something sensed - is my no means a new topic within art history, it remains a central theme and an important focus for Wörsel.

Take a pice of paper with something already written on it and make a small dot. Now hold the paper up in front of your eyes and take a good look at it. What do you see when looking at the paper as a whole and what happens when your eyes focus on the dot leaving the rest blurred? Perhaps you'll discover that each time you focus on one area, appearences will change elsewhere. This is do to our eyes being incapable of perceiving everything at once. 

Troels Wörsel was born i 1950 in Aarhus, and now lives and works in Cologne, Germany, and in Pietrasanta, Italy.