Grand Danois - great danes in large sizes

 GranddanoisPer Kirkeby, Untitled, 2011. Photo: Gunnar Merrild




Great Danes in large sizes: John Kørner, Per Kirkeby, Erik A. Frandsen, and Kirstine Roepstorff. 

Something happens when we stand in front of a large painting. Their sheer size fascinate us in a different way. Was it more difficult to create? Did it ake longer time to produce? Is it more difficult to get a clear view?

Some of these questions will be at the heart of this Spring's exhibition GRAND DANOIS - danish paintings in large sizes, where the focus is on large art pieces by great Danish artists from HEART's collection.

In this exhibition HEART draws attention to and examines works of art that fascinate us by their sheer size; with works by John Kørner, Per Kirkeby, Erik A. Frandsen and Kirstine Roepstorff.

The audience can also look forward to seeing a new inclusion in our collection by Per Kirkeby measuring 2 x 4 meters, which has never been exhibited at HEART before.

Large art works offers the audience another kind of experience. The motives presents themselves in quite another way when they are shown in full size: they almost leap out of the canvas. The canvas opens itself to us while allowing us to almost enter the work and become a part of it in a way which is only possible due to its size.