Alex Da Corte - 50 wigs




Lior Zilberstein 2016. HEART Herning Museum of Contemporary Art. 


03.09.16 - 26.03.17.

Bright psychedelic colours, glossy plastic, mirrors, and Perspex entice the viewer into a compelling and imaginative universe in HEART’s new exhibition opening shortly. Da Corte’s installations seek to provide a total experience activating all senses. Da Corte makes use of ordinary everyday objects from shampoo to washing-up brushes in his works with reference to our consumer culture. In the exhibition, everyday objects are transformed into art and Alex Da Corte transforms Warhol’s personal possessions into objets d’art and does a personal take on Warhol’s oeuvre through his belongings.

The exhibition leads the viewer through four galleries, each thematising different narratives and settings from Andy Warhol’s life through the objects that fascinated Warhol. The objects, including 50 of his wigs, are borrowed from the Warhol Museum, owner of the artist’s estate. The objects do not seek to relate specific details about Warhol as a person and artist; instead they take on new meanings in Da Corte’s works.

The 35-year-old Alex Da Corte has already been described as the modern heir to pop art and he is considered one of the greatest upcoming stars in the USA. The exhibition, Da Corte’s first solo exhibition at a European museum, has every indication of being a unique encounter between the up-and-coming young artist Alex Da Corte and the legendary Andy Warhol.



  • All installations have been constructed specifically for this exhibition and have not been shown previously.
  • Alex Da Corte and HEART’s senior curator Michael Bank Christoffersen have had free access to the archives at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and an opportunity to choose freely among Warhol’s private belongings.
  • 91 items were selected among Andy Warhol’s private possessions, which are all part of Alex Da Corte’s exhibition.
  • Alex Da Corte was born in Camden, New Jersey, in 1980.
  • He got a bachelor degree of Fine Arts from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, and a master’s degree of Fine Arts from Yale University School of Art, New Haven.
  • At the age of 35, Alex Da Corte has already had a retrospective exhibition at Mass MoCa in Massachusetts, an exhibition which earned him an excellent review in the New York Times.
  • Alex Da Corte will take part in 10 exhibitions in 2016, including The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, and, of course, HEART Museum of Modern Art, Herning, Denmark.
  • The exhibition at HEART is Alex Da Corte’s first solo exhibition outside the USA.

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