Ingvar Cronhammar - Design





09.09.17 - 18.02.18

The exhibition Ingvar Cronhammar – Design presents a largely overlooked, but striking aspect of Cronhammar’s artistic practice. Here you will encounter works that, when viewed outside an art museum context, would unequivocally be read as design. Ingvar Cronhammar – Design probes your perception of the concept of art versus the concept of design, discussing and exploring the potential inherent in a marriage between them. What actually separates the benches seen in parks from the benches featured in this exhibition – or the salt and pepper shakers on your kitchen table from the ones you see here at the museum? Do you own any (design) objects that mean something special to you? Perhaps because of their practical (or even indispensible) functionality … or perhaps because their form and colour make a unique contribution to your interiors?

Join us on a journey into the world of Ingvar Cronhammar. A world that is both disturbing and familiar, created by an artist who never stops until he has realised his utopian visions. Here you will find things that you may instantly recognise, yet not feel entirely safe around. For example, you will be presented with a cream-coloured interior that evokes the voluptuously upholstered styles of past eras, a giant table that can be transformed into a coffin, and a cabinet that can be opened to resemble angel wings. You will also find cutlery inspired by the distinctive lines of a stealth aircraft. Razor-sharp in appearance, it is more reminiscent of a surgeon’s tools or props for a murder scene than of functional design used for a cosy family dinner.
Ingvar Cronhammar – Design is an exhibition that wants to involve you and challenge you! Here, the often-obvious lack of comfort and functionality of the objects on display forces us all to continually ask ourselves and each other: what is the difference between art and design? And where do they overlap?