Chloe Wise - And Everything Was True


HEART presents the first-ever museum solo show to feature Canadian artist Chloe Wise (b.1990).

As part of HEART's exhibition programme HEARTfuture, it gives us great pleasure to present Canadian multimedia artist Chloe Wise in her first-ever solo show at a museum.

Focusing on group dynamics, desires, human interaction and the power that the constant gaze of social media exerts on how we view ourselves and others, Wise stages four spaces in the museum’s largest exhibition hall, combining older works with works created specifically for the exhibition at HEART. Through painting, video and installation art, Wise explores our individual need to be seen and recognised and the social relationships and power structures that include and exclude us. In her hyper-realistic paintings, mirrored installations that nod to the Dutch Nature Mortetradition, and films displaying by turns humorous and disturbing human interactions, Wise focuses on the ways in which we interact with each other – and how we see each other and ourselves.

About the artist:
Chloe Wise was born in Montreal, Canada, and lives and works in New York. In 2014, Wise’s series of bread bags-pieces prompted her artistic breakthrough, and she is currently on the Forbes list of the 30 most influential people under 30 within art and style.

HEARTfuture focuses on younger stars on the Danish and international art scene. The Future programme outlines what lies ahead, offering opportunities to encounter contemporary art from around the world. HEARTfuture is supported by the Obel Family Foundation.