Treefall - Rune Bosse


09.09.22 - 06.08.23


HEART is prud to present the first solo show with the Danish artist Rune Bosse as part of the exhibition program HEART Future.

In his practice Rune Bosse investigates nature and its processes through a relational poetic and scientific approach. He studies its structures, patterns and attributes, meticulously getting to grips with how everything works and grows and how each element effects one another. 

Saturating his work is the thought that everything is connected through a logic of nature, body and mind. In his work the interconnectedness is a premise for everything to exist in the way it does. It is about the effect of nature on nature and of man on nature and vice versa. Nothing exists on its own but is rather part of a relational chain causing effect on one another. Studying trees, roots, plants, germinating grains, withering leaves etc. and therein the fundamental natural mechanisms is an attempt to understand ourselves from the perspective of the brief timeliness of a human lifespan.

With great patience Bosse follows natures slow growth and its interrelations, meticulously gathering evidence for his studies; soil, roots, branches, leafs, plants etc. and submits the material to various scientific and poetic processes bringing to light its fundamental parts. The work cannot be rushed or hurried along as it's dependent on the pace of the natural processes involved, which with time and step by step will unveil its changeable secrets. Assembling all the various samples and specimens are part of the work to map and to understand.

Bosse's ordered and scientific approach is coupled with a poetic sensitivity. The samples and specimens remain just that without a philosophical background through which to understand and relate his findings. Therefore many of his works are accompanied by poems, underlining the work and becoming an enveloping matter binding everything together. The poetry becomes a tool to sum up and define the direction of his studies and to accompany our understanding of his findings. Bosse's investigation of nature is an investigation into the mechanisms of life itself and in turn of ourselves and of our own understanding of who and what we are in relation to the nature we are intrinsically connected to and deeply depend on.

Rune Bosse (b.1987) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2016, combining this with studies at Olafur Eliasson’s experimental art school, Institut für Raumexperimente, Berlin. Bosse’s shows include the group show Festival of Future Nows at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, in 2014, EXTRACT at the exhibition venue Kunstforeningen GL. Strand, Copenhagen, in 2017, the AROS Triennial The Garden also in 2017, and the exhibition Jordforbindelser (Down to Earth) at Fuglsang Kunstmuseum in 2018.

HEART Future is supported Det Obelske Familiefond